Warmos logo.

The history and operating model of Warmos

Warmos heaters have been manufactured in Finland for more than 40 years. Before the name Warmos, the products were known by the name Termel. Mauri Wallius Oy bought the Warmos production line in 2009 and moved it from Kokemäki to Salo. Warmos' business model is based on the manufacturing, sales and marketing of durable oil-filled electric heaters. The radiators are made of high-quality materials in Finland. Our customers value our Nordic origins and superior quality.

New era of Warmos

The new era of Warmos began in late 2020, when Jari, Pekka and Kirsi got acquainted with the Finnish Warmos heaters and the company with a long history. The trio bought the business from the retiring couple Wallius. The company name was changed to refer more to its products. Warmos Heating Ltd Began its operations in December 2020, when managing director Kirsi Ruohonen eagerly started to pilot the company towards a bright future. The renewed Warmos is now working determinedly to develop its products and processes and to look for more ecological ways to manufacture heaters.

Warmos values

Warmos values guide our daily operations. Warmos is best known for being a truly Finnish heater manufacturer and for having a long tradition in radiator manufacturing. Our heaters are Finnish-made, durable and of high quality. Our production is socially responsible, sustainable, transparent and cost-effective.

The customer is always at the heart of our operations and we strive to increase awareness of our products and industry through open communication. We strive to reform our business in an innovative and open-minded way, aiming at low carbon footprint, in changing circumstances. We monitor our carbon footprint, respect ethical values ​​and the expertise of our organization, the well-being of our employees and stakeholders, internal development and the environment. We comply with the regulations, laws, rules and agreements that apply to us. We also expect responsible operations from our stakeholders.

Warmos products are responsibly manufactured in Finland

Finnish origins and locality are important to us. The company appreciates local workforce and seeks to employ and train especially young people who often face challenges in the labour market, and make them into professionals who are proud of their work and our quality products. In the storms of the world, we want to promote the values ​​that support society, Finnish quality, know-how and work. In recognition of this, Warmos Heating Ltd has been awarded the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark and Warmos products the Finnish Key Flag Symbol, which can be found on each product package.