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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Warmos heaters. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

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Why is an oil-filled electric Warmos heater a good option?
  • a small investment, a low purchase price and a short payback period
  • installation is fast and effortless, and it is carefree to use
  • installation can be done without major renovation
  • reacts fast to temperature changes - no heat transfer losses
  • this flexible heater solution can also be made partially and can be used alongside other heating solutions
  • suitable for almost any space
  • high-quality product manufactured in Finland
  • the frame lasts for decades, the technology is tried and tested, traditional and durable
  • can be connected to smart home systems
  • significant energy savings are possible when connected to an automatic heating control system 
  • safe due to its closed structure
  • reserved heat is pleasantly even
  • does not dry the air or burn dust, so the indoor air remains of good quality - suitable for people with dust allergy
  • no draft or sound
  • no complicated electronics
  • does not significantly strain natural resources at the time of manufacture or during life-cycle
  • the only wearing part is a thermostat that can be changed
  • all metal and plastic parts can be recycled
  • the carbon footprint of the heater is small considering its whole lifecycle
  • can be combined with low-emission or carbon-neutral power generation methods such as solar panels or wind power
  • does not contain refrigerants
  • In Finland, when switching a house from oil heating to electric heating, a subsidy of EUR 2500 can be applied for from the state.
  • Warmos is the only company manufacturing Finnish oil-filled radiators whose products have received the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.
  • Warmos is the only Finnish heater manufacturer that has been granted the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark.
Are the heaters CE marked?

All our products comply with the requirements of the CE mark and the relevant EU legislation.

Do the products comply with the Ecodesign Directive?

Yes. Our EW Ecodesign thermostat complies with the strict EU Ecodesign directive. The 24-hour 7-day timer required by the directive is set by the ecoControl mobile application.

How much power is required for a space?

In older houses, you should reserve 30 W per cubic meter. In newer, better insulated houses, 20 W per cubic meter is sufficient.

What size heater should I choose?

When choosing a heater, consider the required heating power and placement of the heater. It is generally recommended that the radiator is placed under a window to prevent draft. We recommend that the width of the heater is approximately equal to the width of the window. The space under the window determines how high the heater can be. The 800 W radiator of the Warma series is often chosen for the bedroom.

Where should I place the heater?

As a rule, the heater is placed under the window to prevent draft. When choosing the right place, please note that the heater should not be covered with curtains, for example. You should leave a safety distance of at least 50mm on the sides and 100mm above the radiator.

Can Warmos radiators act as a frost guard?

Yes. Our heaters can act as frost guards. The lowest maintenance temperature can be set to +5 degrees. Please note that at high frost readings, it may be necessary to raise the maintenance temperature up to +10 degrees to save the water pipes from freezing.

Can I let the radiators freeze?

The heaters can be left cold for the winter. The heater will not be damaged and will remain in working condition even if left in cold conditions for a long time. The oil solidifies at -42 °C degrees, but the expansion is very small and does not break down the radiator parts.

Are oil-filled electric radiators safe?

Yes. Our radiator frames are fireproof due to their closed structure. In addition, all our heaters have an overheating trigger that automatically shuts down the thermostat if the heater is covered. We also manufacture low-temperature heaters that are suitable for spaces used by children and pets, for example. When choosing a heater, the required IP rating for the space must be considered.

Do the heaters need maintenance?

After installation, the heaters are virtually maintenance-free. All you have to do is wipe off the dust.

Does the heat fluctuate?

The heat reserved in the oil keeps the room air evenly warm without temperature fluctuations. Our accurate thermostats measure the room temperature and adjust the heating accordingly. A heater installed under a window prevents draft.

How to install the heaters?

The installation of wall-mounted heaters is always carried out by an electrician who has the necessary permits. The reason for this is both insurance and warranty related. An incorrect installation may easily break the thermostat. Only Wieras series plug-in heaters can be installed by anyone, as no electrical skills are required.

For more information, take a look at the installation and user guides at each product category page.

Is the oil in the radiators ecological?

Professional heat transfer oil is used in the heaters. The estimated life span of the heaters is 20-30 years, leaving its carbon footprint very small in relation to its life cycle. The oil does not mix with groundwater and does not burn or explode. Warmos is exploring alternative solutions to replace the heat transfer oil.

What is the factory setting for radiator’s temperature drop?

The factory setting for a temperature drop is 19 °C.

How to connect the Home/Away switch to the thermostat?

Once the Home/Away switch is installed in the house, the cord should be connected to the second highest connector of the junction box. Each radiator’s temperature drop value can be adjusted separately.

Where can I adjust the values for Home/Away switch in the ecoControl application?

In the ecoControl settings, the values ​​for the Home/Away switch are set from “Externally activated eco temp”. You can adjust the temperature drop to the desired value.

What does the flashing of the EW thermostat LED mean?

The LED is green in the EW thermostat when the heater is warming up. When the smart device application has established a Bluetooth connection to the heater, the LED flashes slowly. When you press the save data command in the ecoControl app, the light flashes faster until the command is accepted by turning the control knob to the highest value, then to the lowest value, and back to normal temperature level.

How do I set the 24-hour 7-day timer with the ecoControl app?

With ecoControl app, you can set the temperature drop hour by hour for each day of the week. The drop temperature is adjusted to the desired value and the weekly program must be set in AUTO mode. Follow the instructions in the app to save the settings.

The factory setting for the temperature drop is 19 °C until adjusted otherwise. The setting is made in "Externally activated eco temp". When the LED flashes, the drop temperature is on. When the thermostat heats up, the LED is green. When making adjustments on the mobile phone, the LED will flash faster until the command is given and the control knob is turned to extreme positions.

Where do you need the white plastic disc in the mounting box?

The white disc in the box is used only with Weli series parallel heaters. It is installed in place of the temperature controller. The plastic disc is automatically packed at the factory in every installation package, but it is not used for models with a standard thermostat. The transparent plastic disc in the package is a child guard to be put on top of the temperature control knob.