Warmos logo.

In Warmos operations, we pay special attention to the environment, the quality of operations and products, and social responsibility. The products are of high quality and environmentally friendly, the customer service is excellent and the promises are fulfilled. Corporate responsibility must be more than promises - it must be implemented concretely. 

Warmos heaters meet the strictest quality, safety and environmental requirements. Warmos is a member of Elker, a service company for organizing the collection and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in Finland. Warmos fulfills its producer responsibility obligations through Elker. According to an EU directive, electrical and electronic products are subject to a recycling fee, which Warmos pays for all its products. For that reason, the consumers can take Warmos products to a recycling facility free of charge. Elker is involved in developing new recycling technology, and a significant part of the discarded electrical and electronic material can be recycled.

Environmental projects and climate change

Warmos has renewed its product packaging concept. These elegant and environmentally responsible packages are a delight to our customers and they endure even the most challenging transport conditions. Moreover, they mirror the image of these Finnish Key Flag Symbol products and enhance their visibility in the market. The new concept reflects the high-quality and durable products and provides the customers with an ecological and easily recyclable solution. The heaters are designed to last from one generation to the next. The carbon footprint of the heat transfer oil used in the heaters is small considering its whole lifecycle. We are investing in the development of our thermostats and their remote control, so that we can continue to meet the tightening efficiency requirements and, for example, optimize energy savings.

Socially responsible in Finland

For Warmos, social responsibility means good practices in relation to all stakeholders. We take care of our staff and their well-being. The Association for Finnish Work has granted Warmos Heating Ltd both the Finnish Key Flag Symbol and the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark, which indicate a commitment to socially responsible economic activities and Finnish production. Most of our profits are channelled towards advancing social good, for example, by employing people who face difficulties finding their place on the labour market. We work with educational institutions to improve the region’s well-being and local services. We hire locally, which brings economic stability to the region and reduces commuting emissions.

Quality matters

Warmos invests in quality control to minimize the number of defective products and the amount of waste. If, however, defects are found, the products can be sold as second quality. This way a functioning heater with quality deviations on the surface can still bring warmth and joy, and heat up a space where efficiency is more important than visuality.