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When it is time to buy a heater, first find out the floor area dimensions and the height of the space to be heated. By adding this information to our handy watt calculator, you can easily find out how many watts are needed to heat up that space. The watt calculator tells you the total power required. Choose the right heater or a combination of heaters that please you and are the right size for your space. The heating power of each Warmos heater is mentioned on its product page. You can combine different models, if you wish.

Cubic meters and power

New well-insulated buildings should have a heating power of about 20 W/m³, while older buildings require about 30 W/m³. Measure the floor area of ​​the space to be heated in square meters and the height in meters. Multiply these two numbers and you will get the size of the space in cubic meters. Multiply the cubic meters by 20 to get the required power in watts. You can use the watt calculator to help you calculate. Contact our customer service if you are unsure of the power required.

Watt calculator for typical houses (20 W/m³)

Enter the dimensions of the space to be heated to find out the total power you need.
Watt calculator

Windows and placement

Depending on the interior, the heater can be placed almost anywhere, but the best place from an economical perspective is under the window. The heater should be at least as wide as the window.

The sizes of the Warmos heaters are mentioned on their product pages. Our radiators are 20, 40 or 60 cm high and their widths range from 36 to 172 cm. The lowest heaters are especially suitable to be placed under high windows, where there is little free wall space. The recommended minimum height from the floor is 50mm and the safety distance on each side 50mm and 100mm upwards. These should be taken into account when placing curtains, for example.

Ingress protection rating

The ingress protection (IP) rating of the heater must also be considered when choosing the location. All our heaters can be placed in standard dry interiors regardless of their IP rating.

Walo, Warma and Wahva models have an IP34 rating which makes them splash-proof, but their junction box IP21 is drip-proof. When placing these in a washroom or sauna, you should consult an electrician. If a higher IP rating is required for the junction box, the plug can be removed and connected in an IP44 rated junction box with membrane cable glands.

Werstas models are designed for particularly challenging conditions, such as flammable, dusty and wet industrial environments. IP67 rating means they are fully protected against dust and they can momentarily even be submerged in water. Werstas heaters are not equipped with a thermostat but a self-resetting overheating trigger, which ensures safe operation of the radiators in all situations. A separate thermostat is needed to control temperatures. The portable IP20 rated Wieras models are particularly well suited as extra heaters, as they can easily be relocated according to need.

Safety and low-temperature models

When the heated space is used by children or animals, for example, low-temperature models may be considered. Their surface temperature does not rise above 60 °C under any circumstances.

Safety is not a concern, as Warmos heaters are child- and fire-safe due to their closed design. The heaters have an overheating trigger that automatically shuts off the heater if it is covered. All our products comply with the requirements of the CE mark and the relevant EU legislation.