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Our heaters are made to last for generations. Regular dusting is sufficient for maintenance. You can order thermostats, connection units, feet, wheels, brackets and flat Wisu front panels for Warmos heaters directly from our stock.

EW Ecodesign Thermostat

An electronic thermostat suitable for Walo, Warma and Wahva heaters, as well as former E, B and M model heaters. Adjustment range 5-35 °C. Ingress protection rating IP34, junction box IP21. Junction box can be replaced with an IP44 rated junction box with membrane cable glands. EW Ecodesign thermostat complies with the EU Ecodesign Directive. The heaters are easily controlled with ecoControl app that can be downloaded on your smart device free of charge from Google Play or App Store.
Product number 8100906

TWB thermostat

A mechanical bimetallic thermostat suitable for portable Wieras heaters. Adjustment range 1-5, where number 3 equals about 20 °C.
Product number 8127139

O parallel unit 230V

O parallel unit is used instead of a thermostat in parallel Weli heaters, which are controlled by a master thermostat or an external heat control system. It has the same appearance as EW Ecodesign thermostat. It does not include a thermostat nor a control knob.
Product number 8124096

Walo feet and box

These feet are suitable for Walo heaters making them stand on their feet instead of being wall-mounted, and lifting them 75 mm from the floor. The feet are supplied with a junction box with membrane cable glands, which can be installed, for example, on the floor under the heater. The set includes 2 metal feet, 2 self-drilling screws and a junction box.
Product number 8123713

Wieras wheel set, incl. 4 pcs

The set is a spare part for portable Wieras heaters making them easy to move. The set includes 4 pieces of black plastic wheels with fasteners.
Product number 8127183

Junction box IP21 for EW thermostat

Product number 1.364

Junction box IP44 with membrane cable glands for EW thermostat

Product number 1.365

Werstas wall bracket set

The set is suitable for Werstas heaters. Material is galvanized steel 1.5 mm.
Product number 1.337

Wall brackets

The brackets are suitable for Walo, Warma and Wahva heaters. Both right and left brackets are needed. Material is hot dip galvanized steel 1.5 mm. Powder coated white RAL9010.

Wall bracket Walo right 1.331, left 1.332
Wall bracket Warma right 1.333, left 1.334
Wall bracket Wahva right 1.335, left 1.336

Wieras plastic foot with pads

The foot is suitable for portable Wieras heaters. Material is white plastic and the set includes screws for attaching the foot to the heater frame.
Product number 1.329

Warma and Wahva tilting piece for cleaning

Tilting piece is suitable for Warma and Wahva heaters. You can use it to tilt the heater for easy cleaning.
Product number 1.330

TE230 thermostat control knob

Product number 1.501

TE230 thermostat shaft

Product number 1.502

EW thermostat child protection cover for control knob

Product number 1.507