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Perfect under high windows

Warmos Walo is a trendy 20 cm high heater that fits even in tight installation spots. A perfect location for the radiator is under high windows. In addition to homes and secondary houses, suitable environments include public spaces, restaurants, brick and mortar stores, hotels and offices.

Warmos Walo radiators emit comfortable heat throughout the whole heating area which increases living comfort while reducing draft from windows. They do not burn dust or electrify air, which makes them suitable for people with dust allergy and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The ingress protection rating of these radiators is IP34.

Easy to hide or make part of interior decoration

The compact elegant heater is easy to hide or it can function as a part of the interior decoration. The radiators are powder coated white, but other colours are available on request.

The heaters are easily controlled with ecoControl app that can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet free of charge from Google Play or App Store. With the application you can, for example, adjust temperature drop values on an hourly basis for a week and to adjust temperature values for a Home/Away switch that is externally controlled. This switch can also be remotely controlled by using an extra relay. In other words, you can set the temperature to drop by a few degrees at night or during work days when your home is empty. At vacation homes, the heaters can be set to lower maintenance heat for weekdays and to higher residential heat for weekends. You can save on heating costs without compromising living comfort.

The radiators can be installed parallelly, connected to a smart home system and ordered as low-temperature models, which are well suited for schools and kindergartens, for example.

The modern Nordic Warmos Walo series’ electric heaters can be mounted on a wall or stand on feet. Convector plates create a vertical heat flow effectively preventing draft, which is typical under windows. The thermostat adjusts the heating power of the radiator according to need, so overheating cannot occur.

Warmos Walo heater

Technical information

  • Frame warranty 10 years, thermostat warranty 2 years
  • Wall fixing
  • Other accessories available incl. feet
  • Ingress protection rating IP34, junction box IP21. The connection is made splash-proof by using an IP44 rated junction box with membrane cable glands. When placing the heater in a washroom or sauna, consult an electrician.
  • Electronic EW Ecodesign thermostat, adjustment range 5-35 °C
  • Surface temperature up to 80 °C
  • Available as a low temperature model
  • Thermostat overheating trigger at 100 °C
  • Non-freezing oil, pour point -42 °C
  • Temperature adjusts automatically to the required heating power (no overheating)
  • Fixed convector plate on both sides, which creates a vertical heat flow and prevents draft
  • Durable powder coating, basic colour white RAL9010 – other colours available on request
  • All heaters in the series can be installed in parallel
  • Maximum load for the master thermostat is 2.3 kW
  • The distance from the wall to the front surface is 110 mm
  • The recommended minimum height from the floor is 50 mm
  • The safety distance is 50 mm on each side and 100mm upwards and forwards

Warmos Walo series heater models

Product number
600 mm
200 mm
500 W
1000 mm
200 mm
800 W
1300 mm
200 mm
1000 W
1600 mm
200 mm
1250 W