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Warmos Wieras heats up the room where and when you need it

Portable heaters are an excellent addition to the basic heating of sauna cabins, porches, guest rooms, construction site booths, offices and industrial properties, for example.

The heater looks similar on both sides, so it is easy to incorporate into the interior or furnishings in different spaces.

Plug directly into an electrical outlet

These portable heaters generate heat efficiently and create a vertical heat flow effectively preventing draft when placed under a window. The radiators do not burn dust or electrify air, which makes them suitable for people with dust allergy and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The ingress protection rating of these radiators is IP20.

The radiators are powder coated white, other colours are available on request. You do not need an electrician to install this heater, you can plug it in the socket yourself.

Warmos Wieras oil-filled electric heaters are easy to use as an extra heat source. The heaters are mobile with fixed feet - wheels are available as accessories. The heaters are equipped with a mechanical bimetallic thermostat. These heaters do not have a convector plate, so they are slim and durable. The heater has a traditional, hard-wearing design that stands the test of time.

Warmos Wieras heater

Technical information

  • Frame warranty 10 years, thermostat warranty 2 years
  • Plug connection
  • Stands on its own feet; wheels available as accessories
  • Ingress protection rating IP20, suitable for dry indoor spaces
  • Mechanical bimetallic thermostat
  • Thermostat adjustment 1-5/6-35 °C; number 3 equals about 20 °C
  • Surface temperature up to 80 °C
  • Thermostat overheating trigger at 90 °C
  • Non-freezing oil, pour point -42 °C
  • Same pattern on both sides
  • No convector plate
  • Durable powder coating, basic colour white RAL9010 – other colours available on request
  • The safety distance is 50 mm on each side and 100mm upwards and forwards

Warmos Wieras series heater models

Product number
560 mm
400 mm
350 W
720 mm
400 mm
500 W
1120 mm
400 mm
800 W
560 mm
600 mm
500 W
960 mm
600 mm
800 W
1120 mm
600 mm
1000 W
1440 mm
600 mm
1250 W